Thursday, July 12, 2007

New praise from Harry Belafonte!

Harry Belafonte has seen the review copy of Cost of Freedom and submitted this in response:

“There is good reason to have at your disposal things that remind you of things as they are. Cost of Freedom is a perfect candidate; it does more than remind: it also informs.” -Harry Belafonte

If you haven't already become our friend on the Cost of Freedom MySpace page, join this growing network of artists, activists and concerned citizens today. We'll post periodic bulletins with updates on the anthology.

We're also recruiting candidates for "Cost of Freedom" parties across the nation. Gather your favorite peaceniks together, and share your stories on the cost you've paid for the freedom to dissent. Certain nonprofit peace and anti-war groups may receive a discount on copies of the book. Contact Whitney for more information.


Thomas M. Sipos said...

Hello Whitney,

I took those flyers and postcards you sent me, and collected them into press kits. Then I took the press kits to my local Borders and Barnes & Noble store, offering to do a reading & book-signing should they order the book.

If every contributor to this book were to contact their local bookstores, we should have much of the country covered!

Anonymous said...

I am overjoyed that we here at Replacements Needed were selected to contribute artwork and a few words to the anthology. We are excited to organize parties here in the Emerald City in the land of Oz. Feel free to contact us at

Remember we are ALL in this together.

Anonymous said...

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