Thursday, September 6, 2007

GCN Radio Interview

I and HDP publisher Michael Annis will be on the GCN show with Michael Rivero this Saturday, September 8th, at noon Eastern time to talk about Cost of Freedom.

Rivero, who is featured in the collection, runs, where you can listen to our chat live.


LetterMan said...

Did you mean Saturday the 8th or Sunday, the 9th of September?

Also, is there a URL for the GCN show somewhere so we can hear it online or will it be streamed on

Whitney said...

Thanks, I fixed the date. Saturday the 8th. It streams from

Thomas M. Sipos said...

I'd like to publish a book review of Cost of Freedom in California Freedom, the Libertarian Party of California's monthly newspaper.

The reviewer cannot also be a contributor to the book, and the review must be more than a blurb.

Please send reviews to:

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