Sunday, February 24, 2008

"It is imperative that, as a movement, we take an offensive, not defensive, posture, so that we advance past lost ground. It is imperative that we speak not only against the lies, but stand up for the truth."
Rev. William D. McGee, Jr.
San Antonio, Texas
pg. 79, Cost of Freedom

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Rev. William D. McGee Jr. said...

I have found that God is in a totally offensive posture, He never backs up nor has to reclaim any ground. The cost of Freedom is that same momentum. Once the lies are brought out into the light, then there must an offensive mode within all of this movement to stand up for the truth, no matter what the costs are. To march and advocate problems within this society is one thing, but the cost of Freedom is to change the very way we live here in America and from our actions, will other nations take our example to obtain and demand their freedom as well. The people of this nation must know and see the truth in our actions as a movement of peace and true freedom. They must begin to believe this freedom within their own spirit and walk by faith, for each citizen must be willing to become part of this movement whether they are public or private, for only then will the leaders know that the people no longer sleep, but have been awaken by this Cost of Freedom. Today the people have spoken against those leaders within the house and the senate so that this land can return to being the land of the people, for the people and by the people. This is what the Cost of Freedom really is an offensive posture that will not back down and it has an top down view of the playing field, this is what God uses.