Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"The result of our perverse national belief system is that it’s probably already too late to save our country as we’ve come to know, love and hate it. America, which was once seen by its citizens and many around the world as humankind’s best hope, is nailing itself to a cross of its own making for short-term profit. The effects of global warming are accelerating beyond scientific predictions. Our sub has sprung too many leaks and too many vital systems are crippled by fire. We’re in deep water with no backup, no rescue in sight. Mother Earth is healing herself by attacking us with her autoimmune system. It’s time for a deathbed conversion before it’s even too late for that.

"The true struggle for peace is now a jihad for private transformation, just as it always has been."
Chuck Richardson, of
pg. 161, Cost of Freedom

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